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About Us

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Columbia Concrete is a reliable and trustworthy ready-mix concrete supplier with extremely affordable services and products. We are the most efficient concrete company, with years of expertise in concrete manufacture, installation, and placement. The areas we serve are Columbia SC, Lexington, Blyethwood, Elgin and surrounding areas.

Columbia Concrete takes pride in assuring the success of your construction project and exclusively works on residential projects. Providing innovative ideas that add value to your building project. Because we specialize in short-load deliveries, we can often deliver concrete to builders and homeowners earlier in the day.

Our primary aim is to provide quality services to our clients.
At Columbia, the concrete mix has been carefully formulated for the following subjects.

Columbia Concrete offers the finest and most timely services that you can count on. We are available Monday to Friday.
Contact us for getting further information about our team, and our work capabilities, or in case of any ambiguities.

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Quality Materials
Right on Time

There are numerous concrete firms, but what sets us apart from them is our professionalism, high-quality services and materials, commitment, and prompt project completion. Regardless of the sort of concrete you want, Columbia Concrete can supply you with high-quality concrete. We are consistently on time and offer homeowners premium concrete at reasonable pricing. Our professionals are the finest option for you because of their expertise in project management. We are a very responsive and cooperative company that works hard to satisfy your requirements regarding competency and high-quality goods. Here are some additional perks of hiring Columbia Concrete:


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Does cold weather affect the performance of concrete?
Cold weather can significantly impact the performance of concrete material. It can add durability to the structure because of the slow curing speed.
How long should I wait to use a concrete surface after pouring concrete?
You should give your concrete surface at least 6 days before using it.
Is it a good idea to use deicer on concrete surface?
No, although concrete surfaces are durable but using deicer on them can slowly deteriorate them.

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