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What is the difference between cement and concrete?
Cement is a dry powder ingredient used to create concrete. Concrete is a building material made of aggregates, such as sand and stone, water and, most importantly, cement. Cement usually makes up 10-15% of concrete. When mixed with water it forms a paste and then sets like stone giving concrete its impressive strength and durability.
What is the best mix for concrete?
Concrete is used for many different purposes, and each different application will require a different mix, or ratio of ingredients. For best results contact a representative from Columbia Concrete to discuss the required materials for your job.
What are the ingredients of concrete?

There are three key ingredients in every type of concrete: water, cement and aggregate. The proportion or ratio of these ingredients will determine the type of concrete produced.
The aggregates used will also differ depending on the application of the concrete, for example, a smooth concrete screed will use a finer aggregate such as sand, while a more structural concrete might use stones and large gravel. Additional materials can also be added to give the concrete different qualities, for example fibers to enhance strength, plasticizers for better workability or retarding agents to reduce the rate of setting.

Is concrete environmentally friendly?

Some types of concrete are better for the environment that others. For example, pervious or permeable concrete is more porous and so allows water to penetrate through. This reduces the risk of flooding from heavy rain and lets the water infiltrate the ground beneath for trees and plants to access. Also, some of the aggregates in concrete can come from recycled sources, such as rubble from demolitions, reducing the use of raw materials.

What concrete should I use?
The type of concrete you need will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of project, the ground conditions, the purpose of the structure, etc. There are various different types of concrete designed for different applications. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) code 318 recommends a minimum 4500 psi mix with maximum 0.45 water to cementitious ratio (w/cm) that is air- entrained to resist the effects of freezing and thawing and exposure to de-icing chemicals. To ensure the best results contact Columbia Concrete and speak with a specialist.
Will Columbia Concrete transport my concrete to where I need it?
Yes. Our concrete delivery mixers will deliver your required concrete to any job site within Columbia SC and surrounding areas. Delivery subject to availability. How quickly will my concrete be delivered? Columbia Concrete aims to deliver all our concrete in a 2 hour time slot at your convenience. For many customers, we can deliver on the same or next day, or you can order further in advance if you know the timeframe of your project.
Does Columbia Concrete Supply the pump?
Columbia Concrete simply provides the best concrete available. It is your responsibility to provide the manpower and equipment needed to handle the pour.

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